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The biggest brick bridge in the world

last update: 2022-12-02

 Netzschkau - Wappen
Castle NetzschkauSchloß Netzschkau

Practically adjoining, is the town of Netzschkau; well-known for its late-Gothic castle surrounded by a park. The building was built in 1490 and is considered to be an architectural gem, with its staggered gable roof and typical sandstone curtain arch windows.  The richly decorated doorways, stucco-ceiling work and a 4.1Cm high tiled stove built in 1627 are well worth closer inspection.

Considerable recent restoration work has now rendered the exterior to its former glory and The castle is often used for conceits and exhibitions
Schloß Netzschkau



Nearby to Netzschkau and visible from quite a distance is theKuhbergKuhberg, a popular excursion destination. Standing at 511m, it is the highest point in Northern Vogtland. The stone viewing tower is 21m high and was built around 1900. Ml easy climb to the top will reward you with a wonderful view of the surrounding area.. Today it is made even more distinctive as it stands next to, and in contrast with, a television tower of nearly loom built in 1991.
At the foot of the stone tower is an extensive model railway set, complete with a miniature replica of the Göltzschtal Bridge. A board also points out local walk and nature trails.


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